Altered Images: New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography

come guadagnare con le opzioni digitali youtube They used to say that ‘the camera never lies’. The next generation may find that difficult to believe. Photography has come full circle, from the 19th century obsession with realism, to the 21st century addiction to hyper-reality. Opportunities for artists have multiplied just as the problems have proliferated. follow link As ever, theory runs to catch up with practice. The images collected here put strain on the old definitions and demand new ones. What are they? Well, they are not, strictly speaking photographs anymore.
New territory needs new maps.

niko opciones binarias

source link 50 contributing photographers from 18 different countries.
Book Available Now.


go to site This was some great news earlier this year that I forgot to mention here. I can’t thank Jeremy, the author  enough for inviting me to take part in the book. Even better, that I’m along side Solarixx, an Argentinian artist I admire very much.

go site Without question the high point of my photography career thus far.

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